Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sick......= (

Whoa,what happened to me??After coming back from Gurney,I felt real bad..having a fever and a real headache.When i was in Gurney,I was already feeling a lil uncomfortable but it wasn't that bad till I went back home.Took my bath and expect to cool myself down and hope to reduce the heat in my body but it just didn't seem to go away.I couldn't stand it anymore,took 2 pills of Panadol and went to sleep and I was like having INSOMIA,not being able to go to sleep till late in the midnight.Luckilly woke up the next day feeling better!!!!XP

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wohooo...It's Bloody Over!!!

Hey guys,SPM is finally OVER.Maybe for Science stream only.But it's bloody over d.haha.A whole year of studying is just horrifying but reading is a never ending story.It's just part of life.For now,I just can't wait to get my hands on FIFA 09 and GTA 4.haha.Sadly,i have to wait for my new pc which will take at least 3 weeks.haihx.Well,i hope those wait is worth while.XP.So lets see what Seng Boon is gonna do after SPM:

1)Watch movie..i wanna watch madagascar and 007..hehe
2)Get a new PC and try those new games..
3)Pass my undang and my driving test..
4)PROM..People Riding On ME??don't think dirty la guys..huiyoh..
5)Go for tennis..but cant go for gym though..overbudget..haha
6)Work out at home and go jogging..if i can continue my routine for the 1st
7)Football??don't think already gone case...maybe barefoot???

Well,that's all for now.I will continue blogging..HOPEFULLY..fingers crossed.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Nathalie for Dummies

Hello everyone,it's been a LONG LONG while since i blogged.A really long time.I have been very busy with my preparation for SPM which will end on 27/11 and the last subject is........EST.EXTREMELY STUPID TEACHING...haha..just joking,don't want to get into trouble for saying that.Well,today i am gonna block on this certain person.CERTAIN PERSON.XD.We have computer for dummies and many things more for dummies.This title of the book has been very famous.So today I am gonna create Nathalie for Dummies.hehe.don't get me wrong Nat,i am not saying you dumb k.

What you should know abt her?
Let's start from the outer look:
1)Has fair skin
2)157cm..she is really gonna kill me now
3)Long and black coloured hair
4)Wear spectacles

Now,let's get to know her more:
1)LOVES to create nicknames for people.."smart pants" or "elephant"..hehe..
2)Likes SPICY food especially Thai food
3)Hates durian..btw that is one of my fav.XP
4)One of the cantonese drama FANS..soon to be a fan of CHUCK..i hope so..

These are some of the sneak peeks for the release of this book.It will be release on the 31st of February at an unknown location which I will only know.XD.Contact me if you are interested in buying it.My contact number is 012-3456789 and my name is Mr.Chin En Tao.That's all.

I am not responsible for any incident occuring relating to the release of Nathalie for Dummies.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


So,this event is held every four years way.This event started way before i was born.XP.I wonder what do they wear for the swimmming competition last time.Maybe like Adam,NOTHING.Who knows?But I am very sure this fella Michael Phelps won't be doing so or else he will be disqualified from the race and may even suffer impotency.Hehe.

I was very impressed with the opening of the Beijing Olmpics 2008 except for the issue regarding the little girl who mimmick and the real talent has to do backstage stuff.It's kinda disappointing to see such things happening.I do not agree with the producers as looks don't show a real person's ability or talent.But they said it's to show a perfect image.Hmm,what do you think?

Come on ROGER.What is happening to you?Are you pass your peak already?You are losing to the bull from Spain la.Roland Gaross,Wimbledon and now Olmpic losing to James Blake who was playing average during that game with Roger.Well,I hope you are able to find your form from somewhere.

One more thing that caught my attention is Usain Bolt.Damn,that fella is super fast.Imagine me running under 10 seconds.Hmmm,i think if i am able to do so,i won't be having flat soles and 6 in 1 pax.Haha.

Finally,all the best to our Malaysia shuttler Lee Chong Wei.Malaysia is sure to have a medal by the end of the match between Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei.It's either gold or silver.GOOD LUCK!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

K-Factor's been used by the world number one tennis player,Roger Federer.I am happy that i got the chance to use it but sadly it's not Federer's one,it's Adam's.Now i know why Adam is able to hit powerful forehands.As a good backhander,well most of my friends said so,i tried it and the effect is POWERFUL.Not only that,my forehand improved by miles as i do not have to use that much energy to counter the shakiness of the racket.The racket head is strong and it does not shake that much.Well,like what people say..high quality=hefty's very EXPENSIVE.I will have to save lots of money to buy that.I guess I will just have to wait and hope that the price will drop which won't be happening in the near future.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Well,I have been in St.Xavier's Institution *secondary* for 5 years already.It's shame to say that one of the places i least go to in the school is the LIBRARY.Today,Adam asked me to accompany him to the library to return his books.As I enter the library,I had a feeling that I must find a book to read.After some reccomendation from Adam,I took the book titled To Cut A Long Story Short. promoting the book..

04007-student card number

I haven't read it yet but I will be writing a review of it in the future and hopefully I will like the book..hehe..

Inter Class Competition:Volleyball

Inter class.I took part in that competition since form 1 till form 5.Normally,especially for football..most of them would like to brag about how good their team is and finally lose wan.Since form 1 till form 4,i took part in the football competition,but for this year i decided to take part in the volleyball competition.On the competition day,i did not really felt like staying back for the game because it was raining heavily throughout the whole morning.After some 'persuasion' from Alvin,I decided to stay back and I told him that it would not rain anymore since I am staying back.True enough,it did not rain throughout the competition.Sadly,my team,5S1,lost to 5A2.

1st set= 25:15
2nd set= 15:25
3rd set= 13:15

Well that's my inter class competition,it will be my last one unless i come back for Form 6.What's next?INTER BOARDS!!!!and i will be playing FOOTBALL!!!!!!