Saturday, March 29, 2008

BEN BEN!!!haha..

hey thx for writing "good" stuff abt me in your blog..haha..just in case you cant recognise me..i am the second guy from left and this blog is dedicated specially to one of my best buddies,benjamin..well..i have known him since form 2...surprisingly we knew each other through msn although we are in the same school..he is a happy go lucky guy..well known to flirt with girls..haha..hey ben,don't whack me in school yea..haha..


Memoryless said...

Ben flirt with girls? Lol more like YOU flirt with girls hehe
My first comment to a blogger haha now you owe me an ice-cream XD

Seng Boon said...

ME flirting??haha..or more like da girls flirting with me..haha..damn perasan...kk..walls ice cream ar..haha..too low standard d..i think hagan daaz better hor..XP

Ben said...

yala.. since when i flirt wor? try to push ur thing to me huh? NOT SO EASY.. haha.. ehh.. why she got haagen daaz i don have one? i want baskin robins!! :p

Memoryless said...

Please la....You're the one who always flirts with girls..chi ko pek! hehe
I just said Ice-cream I didn't say say one har! Hagan daaz yeah!!!

Ben: You look so funny in your picture...couldn't recognise you at all....your tiny lil picture almost looks like chia liang hahaha at first i thought it was him but i enlarge the picture then after a few minutes staring at it only then I can recognise it haha

Seng Boon said... name me chi ko pek summore...hmmphh..merajuk d...haha..i wont wan la..seng boon so nice wan rite..haha..self praise..but now i changed my mind d la..i think walls ben..dun kesi kesi la..flirter say la..haha..u wan br ar?got 31 flavours wan ar?i give u five flavours of my hand..u wan boh/?haha..XP

Memoryless said...

Ah....BOCM guys likes to self praise're one of the chi ko pek's follower so must call you chi ko pek too ^^ wei now got gf de cannot so "chor lor" de....must be more gentleman...*poke poke*

Seng Boon said...

haha..BOCM it should not be called board of class should be board of cocky monitors d..all to arrogant d wan..haha..not chor lor la..itz juz called threatening..haha..XD..oh more thing..i am always a gentleman..haha..