Friday, March 14, 2008

JLTC 2008

Hey,this will be my first real post for this blog..well...let's start it off with JLTC(Junior Leadership Training Camp)...this has been done since i was form 1..but sadly..this will be the last year at the Brother's Bungalow,'s a great started on the 10th of March..the participants which are the disciplinarians of SXI and the librarians too..but of course..BOCM rocks more..haha..hear that eric??well,the participants gathered at the lower around 745 am we took the tram up till the station above the middle station..forgot what's that station called d..from there,we started a 45 minute hike to the bungalow..when we finally reached the bungalow,we were "welcomed" by a fierce dog..barking so loud...haha...after registration..they were distributed to their rooms..throughout the day,there were sessions....then,it's the second day the commitee,i get to misuse my power..hehe..i took a nap during the afternoon..when it's time for station games,i was awake...and it's time to torture the's raining..and we were soaking wet...well...the camp ended on the 12th of around 12pm..

JLTC 2008...sweet memories!!!!


EricOng said...

lol, the way you blog is so funny.
with all the dots and stuffs.
nonetheless, i heard nothing that BOCM rocks more...wahahaha.

Seng Boon said...

haha...well..that's my's my i do it my i am gonna post flag day stuff..put your face in it..haha..the title i put,ERIC THE HULK!!

Ben said...

oi update la oi.. haha..

Seng Boon said...

sudah update la...haha..