Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Inter Class Competition:Volleyball

Inter class.I took part in that competition since form 1 till form 5.Normally,especially for football..most of them would like to brag about how good their team is and finally lose wan.Since form 1 till form 4,i took part in the football competition,but for this year i decided to take part in the volleyball competition.On the competition day,i did not really felt like staying back for the game because it was raining heavily throughout the whole morning.After some 'persuasion' from Alvin,I decided to stay back and I told him that it would not rain anymore since I am staying back.True enough,it did not rain throughout the competition.Sadly,my team,5S1,lost to 5A2.

1st set= 25:15
2nd set= 15:25
3rd set= 13:15

Well that's my inter class competition,it will be my last one unless i come back for Form 6.What's next?INTER BOARDS!!!!and i will be playing FOOTBALL!!!!!!


Zhia Li, Nathalie said...

leaving another comment for you..xP better win in the next competition!xD

Seng Boon said...

haha..i hope i will..dun wanna be at the losing end..XD