Sunday, June 22, 2008

So Fast.....


It's already June now.Now I am getting what the others are trying to say,time waits for no one.It has been one heck of a period since the starting of the year till now.I guess since this is the busiest year among all my school years.I got promoted to secretary for the Red Crescent Society,continued my job as form representative for the Board's of Class Monitors from last year.One of my greatest achievement for this year is I had the chance to organise my own camp.Another one and a half month to go and I will retire.By that time I will be glad that it's over but then it's also sad because I had so much fun too.Well,everything must come to an end.Can't wait for the AGM for the Boards of Disciplinarians and the Red Crescent Society.After that,there will only be SPM left to finish off this year.

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