Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wohooo...It's Bloody Over!!!

Hey guys,SPM is finally OVER.Maybe for Science stream only.But it's bloody over d.haha.A whole year of studying is just horrifying but reading is a never ending story.It's just part of life.For now,I just can't wait to get my hands on FIFA 09 and GTA 4.haha.Sadly,i have to wait for my new pc which will take at least 3 weeks.haihx.Well,i hope those wait is worth while.XP.So lets see what Seng Boon is gonna do after SPM:

1)Watch movie..i wanna watch madagascar and 007..hehe
2)Get a new PC and try those new games..
3)Pass my undang and my driving test..
4)PROM..People Riding On ME??don't think dirty la guys..huiyoh..
5)Go for tennis..but cant go for gym though..overbudget..haha
6)Work out at home and go jogging..if i can continue my routine for the 1st
7)Football??don't think already gone case...maybe barefoot???

Well,that's all for now.I will continue blogging..HOPEFULLY..fingers crossed.

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