Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Nathalie for Dummies

Hello everyone,it's been a LONG LONG while since i blogged.A really long time.I have been very busy with my preparation for SPM which will end on 27/11 and the last subject is........EST.EXTREMELY STUPID TEACHING...haha..just joking,don't want to get into trouble for saying that.Well,today i am gonna block on this certain person.CERTAIN PERSON.XD.We have computer for dummies and many things more for dummies.This title of the book has been very famous.So today I am gonna create Nathalie for Dummies.hehe.don't get me wrong Nat,i am not saying you dumb k.

What you should know abt her?
Let's start from the outer look:
1)Has fair skin
2)157cm..she is really gonna kill me now
3)Long and black coloured hair
4)Wear spectacles

Now,let's get to know her more:
1)LOVES to create nicknames for people.."smart pants" or "elephant"..hehe..
2)Likes SPICY food especially Thai food
3)Hates durian..btw that is one of my fav.XP
4)One of the cantonese drama FANS..soon to be a fan of CHUCK..i hope so..

These are some of the sneak peeks for the release of this book.It will be release on the 31st of February at an unknown location which I will only know.XD.Contact me if you are interested in buying it.My contact number is 012-3456789 and my name is Mr.Chin En Tao.That's all.

I am not responsible for any incident occuring relating to the release of Nathalie for Dummies.


Ben said...

WHOA! blogged about her.. how sweet! hahahahaha

Seng Boon said...

whoa...i didnt know that u knew my blog was updated..haha..