Sunday, August 17, 2008


So,this event is held every four years way.This event started way before i was born.XP.I wonder what do they wear for the swimmming competition last time.Maybe like Adam,NOTHING.Who knows?But I am very sure this fella Michael Phelps won't be doing so or else he will be disqualified from the race and may even suffer impotency.Hehe.

I was very impressed with the opening of the Beijing Olmpics 2008 except for the issue regarding the little girl who mimmick and the real talent has to do backstage stuff.It's kinda disappointing to see such things happening.I do not agree with the producers as looks don't show a real person's ability or talent.But they said it's to show a perfect image.Hmm,what do you think?

Come on ROGER.What is happening to you?Are you pass your peak already?You are losing to the bull from Spain la.Roland Gaross,Wimbledon and now Olmpic losing to James Blake who was playing average during that game with Roger.Well,I hope you are able to find your form from somewhere.

One more thing that caught my attention is Usain Bolt.Damn,that fella is super fast.Imagine me running under 10 seconds.Hmmm,i think if i am able to do so,i won't be having flat soles and 6 in 1 pax.Haha.

Finally,all the best to our Malaysia shuttler Lee Chong Wei.Malaysia is sure to have a medal by the end of the match between Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei.It's either gold or silver.GOOD LUCK!!

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